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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
It was TV, and MTV in particular. Even the classical composer Ned Rorem said back in the 1980s that tv was going to change classical music the way it did popular music. Whether it is a rock performer or an opera performer once it's televised, they better look pretty.
MTV changed the types of bands that were getting popular for sure. Duran Duran and Def Leppard, among others, owe their careers to MTV.

But the whole concept of long term investment went out the window when all the various labels started getting bought up and housed under mega-parent corporations, and the parent corporations fired many of the long time music men that had previous run the labels and replaced them with people who's job it was to increase stock holder returns.

To maximize cash values, the labels had to cut their expenses, which meant getting rid of the policy of waiting 3 or 4 albums to see if a band is successful.

While it made good short term business sense, but in the long run, it kills things, because the next "Escape" or "Rumors" never gets made, and there is no hope of seeing the types of albums that sell 8-10 million, and lead to "best of"s that can sell in 100 million copies.

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
I just picked up Chinese Democracy for 1.99 at Best Buy, which was failure. Best Buy Spent 1.6 million to have an exclusive, bought 1,000,000 units and only sold 600,000. So they are selling 400,000 titles at 2 bucks. Geffen spent near 14 million making it, and never recovered that investment. But listening to the album Axl sounds amazing and the songs seem good on my first few listens. I guess people were expecting another November Rain. It's an example of just how fickle the industry and buying public can be. And the artist.
The problem with Chinese Democracy is all those songs were written and recorded in the 90's, and then sat around being re-done over and over again until finally being relased 13 years after they were written.

The album sounded very dated the second it was released, because it reflects a 90's sound. The use of loops, the guitar tones, everything about it was what Rob Zombie, Orgy and Marilyn Manson were doing 10 years ago. It had a very "been there, done that" vibe to it.

And like Hellwyck said, people were expecting rock-n-roll.

And what made Guns famous was the sound of 5 guys bleeding their soul in the music, not countless studio musicians being cut and pasted together.

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
Speaking of pop music...
Who knows Rebecca Black?
Think she got the idea from this?

Both are extremely bad, but I'd rather listen to Rebecca.......
Sounds pretty much like the same song, with different lyrics.
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