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The thing about Bonham is that he used really big drums. He used an LM 402, which is a deeper snare drum, I believe a 14" rack tom and a 16" and 18" floor toms, not to mention a 26" bass, which is 4 inches larger than the regular 22" bass. For a classic rock sound, get large drums, and tune them lower... thats what Bonham did, and his sound is one of the most sought after sounds in drum history.
Actually Bonzo drums were pitched much higher than you might think.There is a video of Jeff Ocheltree who was Bonzo's drum tech for some time explaining the tuning of his drums,as well as what drum heads and cymbals he used with demos .Check it out.I was an eye opener for me.The Video can be acessed through the Drummerworld home page.Peace.

Steve B
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