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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post
That was exactly my point. They sold a lot of records because their music was good, not because they were "pretty". I can't imagine they would have a very good shot at success in this day and age. Same goes for guys like Getty Lee and Bob Dylan. Bon Jovi is one of the few acts that combined good looks with good music. I think the hair bands of the MTV era changed a lot of this, as people wanted to see the glamour look, where guys did their best to look like girls.

Same goes for politics nowadays. People are looking for rock stars to be their leaders. It's really a sad commentary on society.
I think Nashville was the first "music machine" to start grabbing a pretty face and teaching them three chords, writing music for them, and then having studio musicians (who they had never seen before in their life) be their so called band. I think this is why Willie Nelson started all that outlaw country stuff in the 1970s, to protest that production line way of treating artists. I think rock music was pretty insulated from that mentality, though there were a slight few pretty faced artists they did try to promote to success in the 1970s, like Gino Vanelli, and Kenny Loggins. Jim Messina was there just to get Kenny Loggins on the top 40, then he was strategically told to leave. But like you point out, it was really in the 80s when that mentality really took off, and funny enough, isn't that the beginning of the one hit wonders? That is when rock and really pop music production began to turn into a real assembly line, with generic sounds and generic images becoming the standard of the day. Image became more important because of MTV.

Yes, actors, rock stars, and pro wrestlers for president/governor is pretty indicative of how gullible and stupid we really are. We just elect the name we have seen in the lights almost regardless of what they stand for. My generation and each one behind it was reared on the boob tube, so is there really any surprise?
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