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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Good to see you again last night John!

As I had mentioned a couple of days ago I had an interview with a local paper.

Here is the article as written. Unfortunatly do to a word limitation the writer could not include everyone and everything. I still don't know when or even if it will run .

Local Inventor’s Wac’d Ideas Could Make Holes Obsolete
If you take the time to remove all of the lugs and mounting hardware from your drums you would find that what you are left with resembles something more akin to Swiss Cheese than a fine percussion instrument. All of those holes reduce the resonance and detract from the overall appearance of your drums. This is what Gary Wachowiak was thinking as he was refinishing his daughter’s drum set and cringed at the thought of having to go back and drill holes in the nice veneer finish that he had just applied to the shells. A natural Tinkerer at heart, Gary’s mind began to race with ideas that would eliminate the need to drill holes, and instantly the Wac’d Drum Company was born.
After a lot of hard work, research, and development, Gary’s newly formed company is about to release a new floating head system that is held to the drum by only the top and bottom heads. Even the mounting brackets that attach the drums to a cage or stand are held on by the tension rods themselves. The new drums are free from annoying overtones and produce a wide dynamic range of tuning options. In a recent demonstration, Gary was able to tune his standard 12 inch drum to start out with a deep tone like that of a 16 inch drum and then increased the tension until it had the same pitch as a well tuned 8 inch drum.
Gary’s innovations do not stop there. His continued quest to ensure the elimination of holes prompted him to design a bass drum cradle that holds up the drum by fastening to the lugs. With the floating heads and no need for mounted legs, the bass drum will have a completely intact shell to resonate pure tone and room beneath the drum to allow the tone to develop more fully. The cradle even includes an adjustable arm to hold a slave pedal in place. Gary promises to continue introducing new ideas as the patents clear.
Wac’d Drum Company is looking forward to putting their first products on the market sometime this year. In the mean time, more information can be found about this local company via the internet through forums and by searching for Wac’d Drums on Facebook.
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