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Default Re: Show your wood

You'd be surprised how easy it is if you're willing to put in a bit of time, effort and some money. But I'm sure some companies don't want to give away "secrets" because they have put many many hours and money into research and development to make a great sounding drum. To give someone else their R and D can cost them a lot of money. That's more than likely why they are a bit hesitant.

ALTERNATIVELY! Good old YouTube would be your best source of info because now there is loads of it posted on there :)[/quote]

Thanks to you, I post a lot of my builds on another site, will put put some over here. I do everything short of building the shells and I am at the skill level now that it is starting to pique my interest to see if I could actually do the whole shebang. I build furniture, paint helmets bikes and cars, and pretty well do everything on my own, chronic do-it-yourselfer. To a fault actually, sometimes i am so determined to do things myself, it ends up costing me more in tools, supplies and mistakes that i could of paid a pro.
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