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Default Re: Songs you used to play...

Originally Posted by joeysnare View Post
holy hell!!! you've forgotten more songs then ive ever known polly lol.
... and I usually played in originals bands ... it's one of the joys of being ancient, Joey! When you're an old fart you'll have a list like that too :)

I haven't included the songs in a restaurant band I did fill-ins for at a time when I was broke - stuff like When I'm Sixty-Four, Breezin' and Girl from Ipanema etc. Pretty dire but it paid almost as much for a Friday night as I got from study assistance - plus free soft drinks and a Malaysian meal at the end :)

I wish I could remember the other covers ... it's a bummer to have those blanks ... was Patty Smith's Because the Night in there? Did that one with a scratch band. One song I always wanted to cover but never did was Zep's What Is and What Should Never Be.
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