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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
It begs the question as to whether there are qualities of music that are universal rather than culturally subjective. Personally, I think there are.

Sometimes the cultural differences can be a bridge too far, but a great sound is still a great sound and I'm sure a beautifully played groove can be recognized by most of us here, no matter what flavour. When music is played with passion, honesty and soul it is, as the cliche goes, the universal language. Those who don't really care for music, like my father, will only enjoy the music of their youth and detest everything since, but music lovers tend to span a pretty wide range.

Perhaps some young 'uns who have mostly been exposed to soulless business-minded pop find that some of their parents' records hit the spot more than what they hear on the radio? My 19 yo nephew doesn't care for old music, but he loves Pink Floyd.
In the 1970s, there was a lot of 1950s nostalgia that came in the form of of punk and new wave but even bigger artists like Meatloaf, Bruce Springsteen and then came the jump blues and rockabilly of Rockpile, Stray Cats, Joe Jackson and The Smiths. But as compared to the more innovative music of Crimson, Yes, Steely Dan or Floyd, it all seemed a bit tired though by many it was considered real rock n roll. Crimson, ELP or Yes weren't. Maybe it was the more well produced or electronic sounds over the raw sound of early rock and roll that I enjoyed. On CD it's a whole different story and you can even understand the words in those earlier songs. I always did have a thing for Jump Blues artists like Stray Cats and Joe Jackson. Stray Cats are from my hometown and Joe Jackson was always great.

It's just that there is some good pop out there for teenagers to listen too. is someone really going to laud Kiss and say Avenged Sevenfold is okay but doesn't have good songs? (Yes, Ian, he said that.) there are so many melodic metal bands like Disturbed, After Forever, Within Temptation, a lot of them from N. Europe, that's where it 's happening. There are many of them.

As Bermuda stated, it's about the songs, and whether at the end of the day the songs are any good.There are still good song writers around like John Mayer, Ryan Adams or Josh Ritter, Gavin MacGraw. Some of those reference might be a bit outdated; but I bet that a lot of the older folks haven't listened to them any way. I remember there was a kid on her a while back and the older guys made fun of him for liking Jason Mraz. Whose the idiot?

Then there was the whole resurgence of progressive rock in the early 2000s with Tool, Spock's Beard and Flower Kings. Are people ware that these things are happening or have happened?
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