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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
When I was your age, I would have felt the same way. It is strange to me that there is so much nostalgia for 1970s music among the young.
It begs the question as to whether there are qualities of music that are universal rather than culturally subjective. Personally, I think there are.

Sometimes the cultural differences can be a bridge too far, but a great sound is still a great sound and I'm sure a beautifully played groove can be recognised by most of us here, no matter what flavour. When music is played with passion, honesty and soul it is, as the cliche goes, the universal language. Those who don't really care for music, like my father, will only enjoy the music of their youth and detest everything since, but music lovers tend to span a pretty wide range.

Perhaps some young 'uns who have mostly been exposed to soulless business-minded pop find that some of their parents' records hit the spot more than what they hear on the radio? My 19 yo nephew doesn't care for old music, but he loves Pink Floyd.
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