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Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
I haven't had much experience with any of the other four. I'm not 'with it' game-wise, having been a Mac user since 2006 and owning a PS1 and an N64. There's a lot of mediocre content out at the moment and I'm not convinced that the move toward short single-player campaigns is a good one. When I buy games, I buy it for the single player and if the multiplayer is good, then that's an advantage. I always remember playing Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and being impressed with the multiplayer and the only game I ever played regularly online was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. I was on the UK League top twenty regularly there with my clan.

Consoles have always been too expensive for me to justify buying, hence why I own an N64 - I picked it up for 20 and the games are cheap and fun. I don't understand the mindset of being right on the cutting edge for the sake of it either. Old games are fun too and the only way I could justify buying a high-end system would be if the games were absolutely killer. I won't get a PS3 because I'm not convinced that I desperately need to play them and the console is expensive. The 360 has a lot of games that I like and Red Dead Redemption is slowly working its way into the 'necessary' category, but I'm not there just yet.

Black Ops? Oh it's fun alright. But it's no masterpiece and it's hideously hyped.
I agree on Black Ops, I used to play it semi-competitively for the sake of competition, I just enjoy that environment of gaming, it adds extra challenge, elicits different emotions to simply sitting on the couch.

Nothing wrong with being a casual gamer, or a retro gamer. Gaming is so mainstream these days anyone from any walk of life can get into, and I still look back on a lot of games from previous generations with a tear in my eye.

I've been playing video games since I was four years old, so I've experienced everything from the Atari to the current gen consoles. Many of those early games are timeless, especially if you play them on a small screen, don't plug your n64 into a 40" widescreen... you'll regret it.

If you're not a hardcore gamer I don't recommend Demon's Souls, it would probably drive you insane.

Uncharted 2 is in my opinion one of the greatest games made, of any generation, it is one of those games where the story and characters will just grab you and never let go.
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