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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

[quote=GRUNTERSDAD;826110]How strong will it be for us who like to really crank our snares. The slot won't bend or give to the tension?[quote] G.D. , I've seen you "crank" down on a head , you have nothing to worry about ! J/K, J.K......

If your going to the clinic tomorrow I will have the mock up with me and pick your brain a little.

As far as strength goes I'm not so worried about bending as I am breaking. T6061 is a pretty brittle type of aluminum so I would think it will break before it bends, but it is very strong. What will be interesting will be the type of sound the drum produces with these hoops. I know that aluminum hoops have been tried in the past but I think with todays technologies and advances made in metallurgy I think they can have a place. I'm guessing the sound will fall somewhere in between diecast and wood. Ya I know , thats quite a large range but I just don't think I can use older aluminum hoops as an acurate gauge. I will keep you informed of course as this goes along.

On a lighter note , I was approached yesterday by a writer for a local internet/paper about them doing a story on Wac'd Drums and the ideas I have been coming up with.
I did the interview today and had a blast! It helped that the story writer is a drummer so he got all of the concepts and what they accomplish.
And as luck would have it he also does quite abit of video production, so after we got done with the interview we made an agreement for him to do some product videos.
I don't know when or even if it will get published but if it does I'll be sure to post it here as I brought up all the help and support you all have given me here on Drummerworld.
Bernhard was kind enough to let me throw the site out there so I really hope it does make it in there, Thanks Bernhard!
Wac'd Drums Facebook -
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