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Default Re: Mics and a PowerBook

mike, you are right to a great extent, but that approach won't necessarily yield good results in all situations. there are many factors that contribute to the drum sound that range from the number of mics to the kind of room you are recording in. the mic>preamp>stereo singal into powerbook may work for simple demos, but if you want anything better, you'd have to do a little more.
if you are recording drums at home, take into consideration how cheap recording equipment is these days, and spend a little more and buy something that will really give you more flexibility. its just a question of a little more $$ thats all. for a half-decent drum sound, i'd say one mic on the bass, one on the snare and an overhead/room mic is all you need.
for as much as $300-$400 you can get a decent usb/firewire interface AND a good preamp (which needn't be necessary since many of these interfaces now have built-in preamps with phantom power too) and have all the flexibility you need. infact, i don't think its necessary to even invest in more than a little outboard gear since most recording (edit) SOFTWARE has some great effects and plugins that you can use.

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