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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
The judges could be better. - I mean would you think someone like Simon a great judge of drumming abilities?

Unfortunately today much of the live scene around me has gone the way of the DUI Law Bar scene (ie extremely diminished), or as cover groups playing at Yuppie birthday parties. There just isn't a strong market for music, sadly. But as far as American Idol is concerned, as I see it, they have basically two possible missions - to produce quality singers, or be the highest rated TV program each week. I think we all know which one they chose.
DUI laws, noise laws, gaming machines, disco/techno ... online seems to be the way to go. Or busking.

As for commercial TV ... yup, they're going to follow the dollars every time. I guess government funded TV could take up the slack - in an ideal world the show's mission would be to unearth original talent.
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