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Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
The only fish that knocks on my door is a mud shark, and yes, I do say things like that to it, as well as "brown shoes don't make it, and what are you doing even wearing shoes, you stupid shark!". :)
Doc, now you're just being silly. A shark that came knocking on your door is hardly going to be wearing shoes, is it??

Originally Posted by Strangelove View Post
I actually think Idol would produce some nice talent if they left it with judges that knew talent when they saw it, and take the voting away from the masses, who clearly do not.... Of course, our mind is on quality, not TV ratings, which is where the problem really lies.
I find the judges seem to be pretty knowledgeable - either industry people or performers themselves (in Oz Idol anyway). The issue is their focus and brief, which as you say is about populism. They're paid to be narrow-minded.

Do we appeal to the lowest common denominator, satisfied that we are catering for a presumed majority (of consumers at least) or do we challenge audiences' preconceptions, give them the chance to stretch a little?

Given the tightness of the scene today, uncompromisingly honest musical expression is a luxury very few can afford. The best most of us can manage is to find the most populist side of our musical tastes and focus on that side of it to get gigs ... the crazy, out there stuff we enjoy is relegated to side projects.
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