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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
That's the world today. A wannabe female singer can do as much for her career by have a nose and boob job as having singing lessons. Gotta be spunky or you gotta have a gimmick (or actually be a great singer like Susan Boyle, but let's not be too fussy about it).

When is Drum Idol going to start?

I'd be expecting hordes of cute young hyper-athletic lads, twirlin' them sticks around, hamming up their strokes to the nth degree, whipping out complex high speed polyrhythms to Billie Jean ... I'd watch it :)
Now don't get carried away with the imagination, after all, thou art comingling talent with looks in the latter example. ;o} I'm sure a lot of us guys wouldn't mind seeing some cute young females in thong bikinis, but would doubt seriously that they could even spell syncopate, much less perform any, which of course brings us back to the stark reality of your first paragraph, sigh. :)

And I am still mulling in my mind, would America have ever chosen a Susan Boyle.......................................
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