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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Is that a play on words Larry? I remember several years back, I was visiting my sister in London. We were bowling and my brother in law wanted to play the juke box. He sees this album Meddle and says, Ken you like Pink Floyd, should I play it? I said don't play the track Echos, it's twenty minutes long. Now being a fan of 1980s synth pop, he actually didn't believe that a song could be 20 minutes long, so he played it. There we were in the bowling alley listening to Echos. He couldn't believe that it actually was twenty minutes long; but certainly agreed it was a quarter (or a crown) well spent.

I love Animals because like Meddle, it is one great album not destroyed by AOR.
If you want an interesting read about Pink Floyd and record companies read this book:

It discusses how during the Wall, Pink Floyd had a hit album, with sold out concerts, but was not being played on the radio because a record company exec wanted to see what would happen if he didn't bribe radio stations for a change.
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