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Default Re: American Idol

I saw the first series or two of Australian Idol. At least it's televised live music and there's no denying that there's some strong talent on display.

But there's too much hype and faffing about, and not enough music. Do I care if an up-and-comer gets weepy because he or she missed out on the lottery and is forced to pay their dues in dives like everyone else who wants to make it?


Hell, I missed out and sold my soul and rotted away into the pathetic DW-addicted goof you see here today after two decades working for the bloody gumment - and I'm not whingeing (much).

ahem ... returning to sanity again ... it would help if the music wasn't so cutesie pie and with so much oversinging to wow the judges. Just sing the darn song already and skip the endless melismatic warblings, guys!

If the judges are going to reward flash and not get so interested in lyricism and interpretation then it's just a triumph of form over content ... *sigh*
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