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Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
What a beautiful drum. The finishing and build give it a raw look, like it was hewn from an old barn, but it is obviously very finely worked. I could see this in a country band with a matching set, although I sure it would work in any application. What are the specs? I have a slit drum made of padauk and it is a very musical wood.

The clear plastic badge is a one-of-a-kind touch, very classy and I've never seen it before. Do you do this with all your drums?
Thanks man! Appreciate the complement! I love Padauk. Mainly for its great deep red look, but it sounds great because it's one of the hardest woods I work with. I find it's harder than Bubinga and Jarrah. But unfortunately, because it is, staining / sealing takes twice as long!

It's a 14x5.5. 1/2 inch shell. Bullet lugs. 42 strand bronze wires. Trick TO. Bubinga hoops (fish rail routered). I'm using Remo CS batter and my own brand reso. I use it for contemporary rock sort of applications :)

Yep the clear perspex badge comes with my drums. I wanted something different, so I thought it would work well :)
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