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Originally Posted by uniongoon View Post
Thanks deathmetal guy, thats what i like, inquisitive minds. One of the reasons I got started, my favourite wood place, Century Mill, a specialty wood workers supply place, was clearing out some old stock. The birdseye had some discolouration and a few water stains, I knew it was nothing that would not sand out, so I bargained from $4 a square ft down to $20 for two 4X8 sheets.

I have tons of tools, for this I had to buy all those red squeeze clamps at $1.99 each, I think I ended up with 48 of them. The high end glue will run you about $16-$20. Don't cheap out with Elmers or something.
I worked steady evenings after work for about 8-10 days. I used 2 1/2 quarts of 2 part Dupont Urethane automotive clear coat. (another $90).
The hardwood I used to clamp with I cut on the table saw so each drum had its own radius cut into the boards, best seen in that picture showing the seam assembly.
I also have a 5 hp compressor, regulator, filters, respirator and mid level quality spray gun.
Eventually I will get picky, dissassemble it all, and block wet sand with 1000, grit, 1500, 2000, and 2500 grit, then some final cut polishing compound and a final buff with some Meguiars Gold wax. I have had many years of messing with drum re-finishing, although this was a big step up the ladder from anything I have tried before.
So, a couple of weeks work and around $300 you got a brand new set with a mindblowing custom finish? That's just as sweet as the finish! I refinished my cocktail drum and I like making and modifying my own hardware so I know these projects are lots of fun to do.

I have always had a soft spot for Premier kits - any drum building company still in business in England has a lot of heart.
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