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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Not really. Any of those bands or artists in them created resistance music throughout the 1990s. Anyway, I really only needed to have one song about resistance to exemplify that it is there today. Fight the Power is a great track. It is a mastery of sampling. I was given him an historical background of my premise that hip-hop was forged on resistance. I could have mentioned Radiohead's 2+2=5. You could have exemplified others instead of criticizing my post or uh, expecting me to do all the work. :)
But what fun would that be? :-)

(and I've already said I wouldn't know a Radiohead song if it bit me.)

OK, for more recent protest/resistance songs in a pop vein, you have to look at Linkin Park's 2007 album "Minutes to Midnight"

When it came out, I was very struck how much it hearkened back to the protest songs of the 60's, particularly the tracks "No More Sorrow" "Hands Held High" and the rather epic "The Little Things Give You Away"

Their more recent album touches upon the protest theme too, but in a different way, and less 60's about it, with more focus on apocalyptic themes.
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