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Its funny to see a post about worring over other peaople point of view... it kinda IS the problem we face today... and to a degree, what people in the past faced within our very great but very young country.

If anything the most important lesson for us all is to be true to our hearts, yeah it sounds corney and all but its really true. Lots of posts like what cymbal, pedal, drum, toilet paper, ok I added that, should "I" buy and the great thing about drumming, IMO, is that YOU the drummer get to decide whats best. I'm a big beliver that if your favorite drummer played paper mache drums you'd want a set... doesnt make them good, better, or best.

American Idol is Sooo a popularity contest but this season has been really fun... probably the best talent top to bottom. With that said I agree with the others, you don't need to win it to become successfull and winning it doesnt mean you've made it.

Sad to see Pia go because she is very attractive. I hope Casey wins... gotta love his individuality.

... Stepping off the soap box and shutting the hell up! ...
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