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Remember that this is a "popularity" contest and nothing more.
These things happen when the American public decide the outcome. I work in IT and I deal with people who can't do the simplest things (like typing their names correctly, yes seriously) so if I look at the number of users on my network and then extrapolate that into the entire nation there has to be a large number of ID10Ts calling in.
OK, maybe just people with different ideas than me.
Anyway, winning this thing has only really worked out for a few.
How about:
Taylor Hicks - I've heard better singers in my local bar.
Kris Allen - Hasn't done much
Lee DeWyze (sp?) from last season. Not exactly headed to the top.
I wish them all well in regards to whatever level of success they can achieve.
A.I. brings contestants talent to the masses and those who are truly great performers can get their shot at the big time.
Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry and a few others did not win but have gone on to do well.
So I don't really care who wins (I just know I have an opinion on who I don't want to win.)
Hopefully it will be one of the cute women/girls.
I'm just shallow that way. j/k ...
.... or am I?
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