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I am not disappointed that Pia got voted off at all. Yes, she could sing but I think there were a lot of people like me out there who just didn't want another Mariah/Celine/Whitney clone. I just didn't see anything original in her at all...she was very boring to me. She'll do all right...remember Jennifer Hudson got voted off early too. May end up being the bestg thing that could have happened for Pia's career!

I did, however, enjoy Iggy Pop...would have never expected him on AI!
OK. Thats it. I am never talking to you again. :) Just kidding. Man, you are being so mean to my fav singer. I know what you are saying that she is a little stiff. She probably grew up as a princes. She is so pretty though. I think she was just starting to get the fact that she had to let her hair down. Last nights outfit, and the way she was starting to act on the group number, showed that she was starting to stretch. She will be fine, I know, but she was good eye candy for the next couple of months. Please, oh please let Jacob go home. I can't watch him anymore.
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