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Drummer for Faith No More, Ozzy Osbourne and filled in for Korn among others. Mike is one of my most influencial drummers. I find it amazing that he is not featured on DrummerWorld. He is on the wishlist, and that page needs to hurry. Anything I can do to help speed up the process for this wonderful drummer Bern? Just let me know.

Anyone else appreciate or inspired by Mike?
Yes, definately.

His drumming on The Real Thing and Angel Dust were - and still are - huge influences on my non-metal drumming and I "borrow" some of The Real Thing for between songs.

For a so called "alternative" band, Faith No More are hard to resist: Powerful delivery, great songs... Killer combo.

And Michael (as he prefers to be known) was excellent with Ozzy at Ozzfest 1998.
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