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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
This thread hasn't been getting a lot of love lately. Saw this one while wasting time at work.

Ludwig Pacific Drumset Complete - $450

Nice, low-miles set - Pacific Bass and 3 Toms, along with very nice, hi-end Ludwig snare. Set up with a Zildzian hi-hat and 3 cymbals (rides and crash, which are like new). The Remo heads were replaced a couple of years ago, they are in decent shape, relatively minor stuff considering the price of the set. This is a really good price, as it was well taken-care-of. This won't last!

Not to nitpick but that's obviously a Blackrolite...
Well yes, it is a Blackrolite. A decent snare. Not sure how he managed to develop that taste based on the rest of the kit!
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