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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

So I've been passionate about music for 37 years but only been drumming for this past year... needless to say I can't get enough of all things drum related.

I recently purchased the MD 2008 dvd, what... its still good lol, but in your interview you mentioned being into Metal or Metal being a heavy influence as you gained your chops?

My question is now that you have skills do you find yourself discovering older artists in different genra's ... as in not Metal, which in turn helps you create fresh Metal beats?

This Q's is open to any Metal drummer reading this. I'm a Maiden fanatic so Niko is the shiznit and Metallica up to the Black album always floored me with that big heavy powerful sound... but funk grooves and off beat stuff seams to have so much "Flavor" it just ooozes and fills the air with thick slimy vibrations that you can't hide from... as opposed to a zillion beats a second sounding like a machine on roids

Don't get me wrong... I love Metal, just curois if there is a crossover point

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