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Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Yes, the man is a legend. I don't think there's anything that guy can't play. I have a vinyl recording of him playing drums for Strunz & Farah and the playing was superb. He's just one of those that gets the status of "yes, he can play" and he occupies his space among the many drummers I admire - don't really need to discuss it ;)
Haha well said Bo!

Originally Posted by Nodiggie View Post
Yes Alex is one cool brother. Really listened to his stuff when he was with Koinonia. Got to do a spontanious hand drum jam with him and about 8 other cats this last NAMM show but drumhead61 didn't record it! wow! lol
Haven't checked out the Koinonia stuff, I'll have ti look into that.
That must of been pretty cool doing a drum jam with him, did you talk to him at all?
Originally Posted by aydee View Post

I've only really heard him with WR and on the tunes Polly mentioned.
Since WR is a major influence and Alex is a part & parcle of that vibe, so I'd like to believe that there a little Alex in my playing.

Btw, Alex tells a great story of how he got hired for the WR drum chair.
He gets a surprise call from Zawinul on the recommendation of a few guys and Zawinul tells him he's coming out to Vegas to check him out. Zawinul arrives & checks into Ceasar's.

Alex comes by to the hotel room later that evening to pick him up to take him to his gig, and Zawinul says " Hey, walk for me". "I wanna see how you walk"!

" Walk"?? Feeling rather awkward and s tunned, Alex walks gingerly across the room.

Zawinul says, " Yeaaa! I like how you walk". " You're hired"

Alex goes " Wtf".

Lol, I wonder if that really happened.
I wouldn't be surprised because Zawinul is pretty crazy, he sure can play that keyboard though.
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