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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
That part drives me nuts about being 40 now. So many my age are either stuck in what they know (i.e. the music of their teens/20's) and won't move on. Or they shrug their shoulders and take in what radio gives them because they take the attitude of "I'm old, this is what it in now, I'm just going with it". So many just don't want to see there is a middle ground, or there is a choice to go forward and still discover there new bands and/or different genres that aren't on the radio, and it's possible to not just rehash the past or cave into the garbage on the radio.
For someone aged 40, the kind of styles in which I'm most enamoured either hadn't happened or were happening during toilet training, although having older siblings can pull back one's natural era somewhat.

A lot of this depends on personality. There are certain things that really resonate with me - flow, ghost notes, eclecticism, looseness (musical informality). These things tweezed out in the 80s. So I'm very comfortable today playing in a retro band, both with the vibe and the lower technical standards.

We enjoy it, some of the public enjoy it, so I feel it's a valid artistic decision - "artistic" in a more generic than hifalutin sense. There is a place for rehashing and reinterpreting. It's probably overdone with the old stuff because pop and rock was fresh back then. Until rap turned up, nearly everything that was happening in the pop and rock scenes was just recycled, and any progression was incremental.
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