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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Well, you bought it when he explained it, which you did very well, thanks Duncan. Well, it was your point to begin with.

I think that what is revealing is that INOG listed a good dozen bands, none of which came into being after 1980. What about Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Muse, or some of the more mainstream pop bands like Blur, Coldplay or Doves. MFB would know better, I'm sure. Has music stopped since 1978, or was it 1984 as Orwell put forth. After all didn't The Police break up then. If you listen to a lot of American music stations, you may actually believe that, and that is the problem, not the defense. I won't deny that time was a fertile period in Brit popular music. But I would venture to say that the recordings of Porcupine Tree and Radiohead are just as 'inventive' and interesting as anything that came out of that period.

And, we are talking about pulling sounds out of thin air. :)
Which is why, for the most part, I've not listened to any new music on the radio in a very long time.

I still use radio for classic rock ( I still enjoy a dose of poodle haired singers singing about their woohman). But for new stuff, it does nothing for me, and seems rather pointless.

But then again, I love Linkin Park, so perhaps that makes me a huge hypocrite. :-)

Going back a few pages, music is either good or bad.

Trying to label is all is only relative, and to a certain degree, pointless.

I do think you made a real valid point last night, that I've been dwelling on every since.
Yes, we can sit around and complain about the lack of whatever in popular music, and it's fun to blame society, radio or whatever. But in the end, you're right, it's our individual problem, not theirs. We can adapt, or not. The music will go on with us or without us.

Which also brings me to Polly's quote;
if we oldies don't play music for other oldies, who will?
That part drives me nuts about being 40 now. So many my age are either stuck in what they know (i.e. the music of their teens/20's) and won't move on. Or they shrug their shoulders and take in what radio gives them because they take the attitude of "I'm old, this is what it in now, I'm just going with it". So many just don't want to see there is a middle ground, or there is a choice to go forward and still discover there new bands and/or different genres that aren't on the radio, and it's possible to not just rehash the past or cave into the garbage on the radio.

Which makes trying to form a new band these days difficult.

EDIT: Radiohead, Muse,Blur, or Doves - Honestly, I wouldn't know what any of those bands sound like. I may have hear them in passing, but I wouldn't be able to idenify them if you played me their stuff. I only know Coldplay because for some odd reason my wife bought their CD (ugh).
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