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Default The seemingly new fad of acoustic guitars... Thanks Andy Mckee!

Ok, now don't get me wrong, the guy is pretty damn good at guitar, whether it be his own material or otherwise. And I know he isn't solely responsible for this, but it seems that ever since he got popular around my area with 'Drifting', slapping the strings for harmonics and hitting the guitar in beat is the next best thing. I know of course that it isn't exactly new, but am I the only one that finds it incredibly annoying? I mean, it can only last for so long. How many songs can you write with your hands upside down and slapping beats out on the wood? (Bad choice of words perhaps...)

At least in my area, I hope this phase comes to an end... Is anyone else suffering from this, or is it in fact a widely accepted act of acoustic guitar?

To help point this out, here's some guy I know who's recently fallen into this... He's very good at guitar, but I don't know... I just don't know...

Opinions on all this then?
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