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Originally Posted by inneedofgrace View Post

NJ is thought of as a satellite wasteland of NYC and Phildelphia, but it is actually an awesome state in terms of diversity of geography. We do have both mountains and the ocean, as well as significant farmlands (yes, we are the Garden State for a reason). The environmentally protected area of the Pinelands Reserve in southern NJ is over 1 millions acres in size. I can drive to Philadelphia in a half hour, yet I have a dairy farm down the street. And despite NY's claims, we technically "own" the Statue of Liberty.

Besides, who doesn't love The Sopranos and Frank Sinatra?
Lol OK, but the oceans are close enough. I lived right near you in Lumberton then Oaklyn over 14 straight years. I am in your phone book under electricians lol. NJ does get a bad rap. The TV shows don't help. NJ has a lot. I always buy my gas there lol, it's like 20 cents a gallon cheaper plus they pump it for you! Practice time! But really, you got NYC, The Jersey shore, and if that aint enough you got DC, Phila, Baltimore, just a hop away. Lots of bang for the buck.
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