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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

I think the thread has wandered more into the old debate about live musicians versus electronic programmed music, rather than the failures of the pop music machine that it kind of started off as.

I see no problem with either electronic or programmed music as long as it is the intended method of music creation by the artist. The key is artist, and not producer. My main beef is with music producers that use it as a cheap and poorly executed means to crank out low cost pop music today. Simplistic beats with cartoonish sounds, accompanied by three note riffs played over and over again seem to be the standard of the day on pop radio anymore. I think the audience is just getting tired of this cheap garbage they are passing off as music, and it is showing in this malaise and indifference that people are showing towards music and musicians today. I am sure the self proclaimed experts that run the industry will disagree, but I think they are the reason the industry is in shambles today.
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