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Default Re: Your Favourite Concert/Gig

Three outstanding concerts I saw a long time ago and will never forget.

One was Oregan at the Town Hall with Ralph Towner on acoustic guitar and Colin Walcott on tabla. The gig was transcendent, so perfectly beautiful. I walked out floating on air. Then the foolish fellow I went there with talked me into playing Space Invaders with him at the train station soon afterwards and it totally killed the mood *sigh*

Another was John McLaughlin's One Truth Band with Tony Smith on drums, Fernando Saunders on bass, (forgot the keys player) and the remarkable L Shankar on violin and tambourine.

Tambourine doesn't sound like a big deal but the way he played it and the way it was miked, it sounded like a herd of stampeding elephants. He did a guitar / tambourine duet with John McL and I swear those guys are psychic. Improvising in perfect unison - bar after bar. The stage sound generally was incredible too. Tony Smith's toms sounded like cannons. The whole thing was a buzz.

The third was Queen. I had front row seats. The show was meticulously put together, the band, especially Brian May, was fabulous but ... Freddie ... that man was such a Mr Good Vibes. He could probably even put a smile on the face of a corporate lawyer.

A funny one ... I saw the Brandenburg Orchestra with a friend and I got dolled up to make more of an occasion of it (very rare for me). A bad mistake. My heels were killing me and I had to get them off - but the floor was hard wood while the orchestra was super quiet. I remember the struggle to get the shoes off without going *clunk*

I wasn't the only one having trouble. At the end of a long piece it seemed like the entire audience went into a fit of coughing and throat clearing (being too afraid to make a sound during the music). Then they all cracked up - even the orchestra.

We all could have done with a Marshall stack that night ...
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