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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by gwaco View Post
To answer your second question right know I have to play a guessing game as to what I feel will sell so for right now I am thinking that the standard number count of 6 lugs on a 10" 12"&13" tom would be a better seller out of the gate. We can always slot it if there is a demand, that way you could add or remove lugs. Also until I make or find a hoop with more than 6 holes it doesn't make sense. That is unless you want go with a single flang hoop with clips. Thats not to say we won't make changes or improve upon though !
Ah, Acorn nut! Another new term! Also I just re-read my post and realized that I put myself in the MID-west. No, I'm in the SOUTH-west boys and girls, that's why we study Geography. I must just have Nascar and strawberry pie on the brain or something...mmm...pie

So to further pick your brain on this matter I was wondering how you'd mount legs onto a FT. There's a picture of a FT with your lugs somewhere art the beginning of the thread, it looks like you went with standard FT legs on there. Do you have plans for a Gwack-esque mounting system for floor toms?
Classy grip all day.
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