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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
So is the tom mount clamped using that bolt on the back of the mount? That seems a little inconvenient for a quick setup.

It seems that you'd be limited to a certain amount of lugs with that mount. Also would you have to go with shorter lugs for the ones that connect to the mount?

...I don't suppose you need any more product testers. I'm here on the dry ol' midwest and could give you a good idea of how your product functions in hot, dry conditions...yea that's good, call it "atmospheric R&D".
R.M. If your refering to the acorn nut then no. That is on there to prevent one from backing out the round handle to far. To tighten it down you grab the big round knob. It is much easier and more comfortable than any wing nut made. I don't have a knurler to knurl a grip on the the outer perimeter of the knob for extra grip but it will be done. remember that this is just the prototype so I'm sure changes will be made , especially once I sit down with Sean.

To answer your second question right know I have to play a guessing game as to what I feel will sell so for right now I am thinking that the standard number count of 6 lugs on a 10" 12"&13" tom would be a better seller out of the gate. We can always slot it if there is a demand, that way you could add or remove lugs. Also until I make or find a hoop with more than 6 holes it doesn't make sense. That is unless you want go with a single flang hoop with clips. Thats not to say we won't make changes or improve upon though !
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