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Default Re: Some unfortunate things as a Teenager... READ!

Originally Posted by Joey182 View Post
Well since it's set up, I'll try and discuss it with him.
There is something wrong with our relationship, but I don't really want to or need to apologize.
I don't apologize. Especially when I've done nothing.
There is a difference between apologizing and communicating. All relationships are DOA without communication, and sometimes things are so bad that you have to step up to the plate and be the big person, because it isn't always the older or more mature person that will do it.

So either you swallow your pride and discuss the situation with him, or you will end up packing the drums up again in a week or so. And then, you lose once again. If you were close to the age where you could move out, maybe my advice would be different, but you've got at least three more years to deal with this, and it could suck royally for you.

I'm not defending your father, because for all I know he could have major issues. But then again, having dealt with two teenagers, I know that they have a hard time focusing on anything where they aren't the focal point and it's all about them.

So perhaps try and get to the bottom of really what is setting him off, and see if there is any middle ground you can establish.
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