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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
Not on the net, but in paper book form i once read this book called "the musicians guide to home recording" which i think is a good place to start if you're a beginner.
That's a good book to start out with. Not a dull read, if you're into it (unlike Modern Recording Techniques, which is very informative, but a very dry, textbook-like read...). But, really, hands-on experience is the best thing. Would it be possible to have your son mix for a couple of your "less important" shows? (I mean, not like a huge corporate or a wedding gig, but something smaller like a bar gig or outside party gig).

Here's the course of "study" I did to learn how to run sound:
1. Learn how the equipment works.
2. Read up a bit on it
3. Mix a gig
4. Read some more, maybe pull out the equipment and experiment with what you learned at the first gig
5. Do another gig
6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 ad infinitum. Also, talk with other people in the biz to see what equipment works (or not) for them. Continually educate yourself, evaluate what you're doing and what gets the results you want, and why those same exact strategies DIDN'T work for the following gig (what did you have to change to accomodate the instruments/venue?).

Something like this is what MOST people do. You usually don't see sound engineers with degrees working the po-dunk dive bars, just like you don't see the veteran "professional" musicians playing there. It's called "paying dues", and you've got to trudge through the trenches in order to get to the other side...
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