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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

Originally Posted by caddywumpus View Post
Could I be the first to recommend that your son seriously consider going a different route and getting a different job? For real: sound engineering is a non-glamorous job that doesn't pay well, unless you get one of the few "stand out above the crowd" jobs. Maybe he should take a course of study in becoming a studio engineer, so it would still include the same basic topics, but give him a much wider variety of job opportunities.

I am friends with 2 "full-time sound engineers", who I've worked with countless times. They both are passionate about it, but it is tough for them to make ends meet, especially since there are so many "hobbyists" out there doing it as well. One of them said (paraphrased), "If I had to do it all over again, I would have opened a retail/rental shop that offers our services as well. That would be a lot more stable. Plus, I'd probably get a lot more work." Maybe pass these words and this perspective on to your son. I sincerely wish him all the luck with being successful if he chooses to go this route...
Once again some great advice which is why I posted this thread to begin with, to get some REAL feedback from people who are either in the industry or work closely with others who are in the industry. I did mention to him that sound engineering (maybe I am not even using the correct term) covers a very wide spectrum and to not "just" focus on the musical end of it. Being just a musician I consider myself very much out of touch with the actual sound production side of things (regrettingly) and do feel I am not even remotely qualified to give him advice on this subject. Thanks again and please feel free to offer up any advice pertaining to this thread...
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