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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Me? Not at all.

That would be pointless. We all know there's a lot of total crap out there and much of what inneedofgrace is describing is inherent in a lot of really terrible music - music that's objectively terrible. On the other hand, making sweeping generalizations about the nature of synthesized sound has nothing to do with whether or not the music is good or bad -

And on that point I think that in the need of grace was spot on because a Kurzweil does not sound like an Steinway and a Roland TD 20 does not sound like a Sonor DeLite.

Several years ago in one of my classes, the student brought in the song Dance with My Father. I hate the beginning because it was a little electronic crap toy. But when I heard the whole song, I realized that it was symbolic of his childhood and it works from that perspective. So maybe it is supposed to sound like an electronic keyboard or an electronic drum sound and not a Steinway or Sonor De Lite. I don't think any one would have a problem with that or the use of electronic sounds except that many times it comes off sounding like that toy electronic tune and not really anything of interest to listen to.

Cage was wrong. Beethoven was deaf and that was the whole fascination with him during the 19th century, that his music was not environmental. It came from his inner imagination.
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