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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by inneedofgrace
My biggest beef is not that they are using computers to generate the sound, it's that the sound they are generating doesn't resemble a drum set in any way, shape or form. As I said before, what you hear on many pop songs is a clicking or snapping sound to keep the beat, usually coupled with a loud booming bass-type sound. That is not music to my ears, so to speak. I like a bass drum, hi-hat, ride cymbals and different toms. I like to hear rolls, even in a pop song.
So what?

Hasn't this always been the case? Is it not true that Orchestral music rarely uses a drum set? Or is it just a specific dislike of synthesised sound? I don't understand what the issue is. When the drum set was first developed, the idea was to generate rhythm through a collection of organised sound. Now, technology is just doing exactly the same thing and the software has been developed for exactly the same reason. Just because a person isn't always playing it doesn't mean that skill hasn't gone into its creation.

Sure, there are cliches and there is the rabid overuse of tools and textures - like the hand clap. But I could say exactly the same thing about a lot of the 'Rock' back catalogue. Pentatonic guitar riffs, poodle-haired (no offence to Al, Bermuda!) singers screaming about their 'wohman!' or someone elses' 'wohman!', fat backbeats and heavy bass-drum sounds. The simple fact is that 'Rock' music is largely dying at the expense of the newer forms of music because it really hasn't moved on since about 1983 and yet I STILL hear bands like Wolfmother playing out the same tired cliches, thirty years after those cliches were in vogue.

And you know what? I don't even like the kind of music you're referring to. I just think your argument is hollow. It's like a security blanket that covers you because you don't want to move out from under the rock (pun intended) that you found some thirty years ago. If you don't like it, why don't you do something about it and try to create something that is truly beautiful and artistic rather than ranting on a forum.

No tool is inherently bad, no sound is inherently 'false' and nothing is inherently 'unartistic'.

DrumEatDrum - I use cassette tapes sometimes. So many memories!

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