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Default Re: Having A Comfortable Rehearsal Space - Important ??

As long as you have the suburban/out-of-town spread, a setup like that is great, and I agree with the idea of making it a good place to hang out - that's how good ideas happen that lead to great songs, when people aren't worried about the neighbors, bumping into each other, or not being able to feel their guitar strings.

I'm planning on moving up the road a piece to a larger spit of land that has just enough room to build an outbuilding studio/rehearsal room. The finished product will be somewhere in the 600-800 square foot range and I'm going to pour a bit of money into sound reduction, so as not to draw the ire of my new neighbors. But I have lived in the city ten feet from my next-door neighbors, and in an apartment, and can testify - that's not an ideal rehearsal space at all...
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