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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Yeah - some of my first gigs as an "audio guy" involved showing up at 2AM to unload two 45-foot semi-trucks and building stages. Then I had the pleasure of running extremely thick cabling through the mud on a rainy night on Tom Sawyer's Island for a special event. I've sorted through bins of cabling to separate out what we rented and what we owned, literally MILES of cabling. I've seen an awful lot of sunrises before they let me get close to an audio console. And then when I did start mixing bands, I'm the lone guy setting up the stage, miking everything, and doing the soundcheck before the band gets there. When they're done, I get to put it all away for the next day. I've been harnessed into a deck 40 feet off the ground running a spotlight in 30-degree winter nights at 3AM for rehearsals.

I look back at all of that (I just sit in an office environment now running everything from a room we call "Audio Central") and think, yeah, you have to be in your 20s to be able to put up with that. But the upside is that I have a steady check, benefits, retirement, a house, a wife I see on a regular basis. I'll even say my group is at the top of the hourly food-chain as far as groups go within this company. But even after the schooling, you have to pay your dues anyway. I never thought it would be glamorous, but I think if your son gets to speak with others about what they did to get where they are, that would be such an eye-opener that the schools do not let on to prospective students.
Thank you again, just the type of posting I was looking for, some real life experiences. As his dad, coming from me, or a parent period, because we just don't know what we are talking about, sometimes just does not have the same effect as it does coming from someone else, the coach/parent scenario, which I went through big time with him.
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