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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Are there any sound engineers in your area he can talk to directly? Because oddly enough, working as an audio engineer and learning to be an audio engineer are two completely different things.

I work at the Disneyland Resort as a sound engineer and don't have formal training. My whole education stemmed from the fact that I was interested, and started buying my own gear to do things I wanted to do. Now that I'm where I am, Yamaha gives us classes on how to work their latest consoles, LCS comes out and trains us on their latest systems, all things audio-networking, etc.,'s almost difficult to learn the cutting edge stuff in school because they're not buying that stuff for students to learn on.

Like being a musician, I think if you bought some gear, learned how to mix bands and deal with frequencies and miking', which you could totally learn on your own, that would help you more than going to school because doing audio is all about solving problems with the gear you have. I suppose having the degree helps, but perhaps you should see what audio engineer's union (IATSE) considers their purview in the entertainment industry. There are alot of other things we do that aren't audio-related that might not be so attractive to someone who wants to begin working in the industry.
Thanks Bo, some great info and even some better points made. I myself never had the privilege or opportunity for any formal schooling, straight in the service out of H.S.. So I wish to help him pursue his dreams in any way that I possibly can. Regrettingly in today's environment, "on the job training" does not hold as much validity as it once used to. I would have to imagine, but could be totally wrong, but I would guess your industry is pretty tough to just walk into without any OJT. He did love sitting with our sound person in an old band during gigs when we could get him in or even during rehearsals. My son and I both have been lucky enough to become friends with Ian Bond, the front of house engineer with Porcupine Tree and actually got to watch their last show in Michigan from the booth with him, I really believe this was a turning point for my son in pursuing this. I will be contacting Ian for any advice he may also have for the beginner wanting to get his foot in the door. Locally I will have to do some searching around and get in touch with some old contacts. This literally just came to light this afternoon and I want to get as much input as I possibly can to digest it and research all the suggestions. Thank you again..If you think of anything else please let me know...
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