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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

.... and on the other end of the spectrum - I am a grad from SAE and do not work for a "commercial" studio, but I do own my own studio.....

The plain truths are:
- going to an audio school will not get you a job in the industry, but it may help...
- working in the industry will not pay you well unless you are one of the elite few....
- be prepared to work anywhere - local live bands / community radio etc - even for free.....
- don't expect it to be a glamorous profession....
- learn customer relations - musicians have delicate egos and perform much better if you tell them that they are good ;-)

imo the best way to learn audio is to purchase a small mixer, some mics and a DAW running industry standard s/w (e.g. ProTools) and practice.

There are some good training DVDs available (e.g. that will help a lot. Also, learn to solder cables and repair basic electronic thingys.
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