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Default Re: Sound Engineering School Advice ???

I do not have any direct experience, I just know many people who have been through Audio engineering programs.

I would say first and foremost is what area of audio engineering he wants to get into.

Here in Los Angeles, there are 3 or 4 audio engineering schools, and quite frankly, I don't know how all those graduates find jobs. The home recording studio market has turned a lot of music jobs upside down. Major music recording studios just don't have the need to hire people like they used to. Not that those jobs aren't there, just it's difficult to come across one.

Many grads think they'll get a computer and some equipment and open their own recording studio business. Which can work, but craigslist is littered with such people all clamoring for clients.

On the other hand, mixing sound and foley work for movies, TV and DVD releases appears to still be lucrative from what I can tell. I have zero idea how one breaks into that market, but the few people I know who have seem to do alright for themselves. While the ones who still cling to only wanting to do music appear to struggle or go into something else, save the few lucky ones.

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