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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
In theory, no.

But it does touch on the question of where does one draw the line in terms of too much technology in music? Is a live drummer tracking to ProTools a sin? How about the simple act of EQ'ing the drums? I mean, it is the electronic alteration of a drum's sound. What about using a Kurzweil piano module and controller instead of a 9-foot Steinway, won't they sound the same on playback?

And likewise, should those Simmons drums have been used at all?

There's a certain amount of tolerance necessary in order to keep from being a hypocrite. If you can't accept electronic tomfoolery at any level in the arts, there'd be precious little music you could listen to or TV shows you could watch, and just about any action/thriller/horror/animated movie is also off the list. And no Photoshopping images for web sites, ebay, etc. And no more EQ on drums - record 'em like they are..

Actually, that was a part of the Memphis Sound way back, to use as little EQ as possible on things. Listen to classic Al Green for a taste of that, it sounds very real and up-close.

There are a lot of drum tracks that sound programmed and this goes back to the 1980s in tracks like Ain't Nobody or Billie Jean, or bands like Devo and Depeche Mode. Questlove is known for doing this.

I think the controversy is really in the use of automated performance devices as opposed to live musicians, though I don't think you can match a Kurzwell against a live grand.
I've probably been through more acoustic concerts than most people, having listened to well over two hundred symphony concerts alone, never mind opera, singer songwriter or recitals. Never mind that I listen to myself everyday. Even when I play electric jazz, many times I am still the acoustic guy.

There are many functions of electronic music: enhancing the sound, amplifying the sound, manipulating the sound, or using electronics to generate a sound. I would just have to side with the OP in his statement that much of the programmed music on pop today is trash. Should that surprise anybody that most pop is trash? You've asked , how many people are making these judgments but have listened to little if any new popular music? I used to get together with my old buddies on a Friday night to play cards and they would be excited about finding a station on Satellite that played AC/DC or Aerosmith b sides, or acoustic versions of well known artist. They haven't purchased music by a new artist in 2 decades.

Electronic music does put musicians out of business. Gigging musicians have been losing gigs to deejays for almost forty years. And a lot of electronic soundtrack music can now be done by one guy rather than the myriad of instrumentalists used years ago. And our musical culture has been usurped by deejay culture and with its relations to third world countries: pre-recorded riddum tracks, non developmental music, and a lack of sophistication in lyric writing. Of course this is not always the case, and there have been many great thJrd world artist, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Fela, etc. AS the old joke says, what do you call a trombone player with a cell phone? An optimist.
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