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Default Sound Engineering School Advice ???

My son who is a freshman at Western Michigan University has decided to pursue a career in Sound Engineering. I am hoping to get some advice from anyone out there who has graduated from a Sound Engineering school, knows someone who has or has some experience with formal training. I would really like to send him to a class "A" school for this, one with an outstanding reputation. I will obviously do a ton of research with and for him and I do have some contacts in this industry but would also welcome any suggestions or advice from anyone. I guess my feelings on this is that if he does want to go through the formal schooling, do I continue to let him go through a 4 year college or just forego the college and have him go straight into the sound engineering schooling. I guess a worse case scenario would be to let him go to the schooling and see if he really has it in his heart and the desire to continue on with it, and if he does not he can always go back to college...Thanks for any advice you may have....
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