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Default Going to the coast (SoCal)

I know we have some SoCal regulars here on DW, so I wanted to ask the locals a few things. I'm planning a family trip to SoCal...the L.A. area...but not sure when is best? I hear spring break is soon (or now?) Would this be a bad time for a visit? We might want to hit Disneyland, but not if it's going to be a madhouse. Also, I'm thinking that traffic will be a bit worse and hotels more expensive.

We lived in the Bay Area for a short time and spent a couple of days in L.A. We did Universal Studios for a day but didn't see much else. We did take a stroll through downtown, where we were stopped by a homeless gentleman who explained that he was the subject of several CIA mind-control experiments. LOL!

I'm trying to think of some unconventional drumming opportunities, while down there. I hate to miss a whole week of practice (aside from a pad in the hotel.) Maybe I could schedule a lesson?
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