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Default Re: My rant on today's pop music

Originally Posted by DrumEatDrum View Post
More of a rhetorical question....

If you have an 80's New Wave band, and the track has a drummer with decent time, playing to a click, playing a very straight beat, but playing on an 80's Simmon's kit (or other such electronic device) so it sounds very electronic, how many people would just assume it is a machine playing?

And if you took the same track, and programmed a computer to play the same exact part, and trigger the same exact sounds as the above example, and used the "random" feature to make the timing not-quite machine perfect, would anyone really be able to tell the difference between the two versions?
In theory, no.

But it does touch on the question of where does one draw the line in terms of too much technology in music? Is a live drummer tracking to ProTools a sin? How about the simple act of EQ'ing the drums? I mean, it is the electronic alteration of a drum's sound. What about using a Kurzweil piano module and controller instead of a 9-foot Steinway, won't they sound the same on playback?

And likewise, should those Simmons drums have been used at all?

There's a certain amount of tolerance necessary in order to keep from being a hypocrite. If you can't accept electronic tomfoolery at any level in the arts, there'd be precious little music you could listen to or TV shows you could watch, and just about any action/thriller/horror/animated movie is also off the list. And no Photoshopping images for web sites, ebay, etc. And no more EQ on drums - record 'em like they are..

Actually, that was a part of the Memphis Sound way back, to use as little EQ as possible on things. Listen to classic Al Green for a taste of that, it sounds very real and up-close.

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