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Default Re: Your Favourite Concert/Gig

I get your distinction, mr. funkybeat. I hate it when i go to a rock gig and my dad asks me "how was the concert?"

The only actual concerts i've ever been to were my sister in her youth orchestra back in the day or my mum in choir. We went to see the East Riding Youth Orchestra with my sister in the choir at hull city hall (much nicer than you might expect) many years ago and had to move out of our seats because we were sitting where the mayor of our town was supposed to be lol.

My best ever gig was probably 36 crazyfists supported by Exit Ten in york fibbers. Tiny club, we were right at the front. I managed to stand right at the front with the band playing no more than about 1.5 to 2 metres in front of us at all times and attempted to join in with the group vocals bit. Having sung along with all the material, i then got to meet everyone in the 2 respective bands afterwards. Actually i'd already seen a couple of them since they had to use the customer toilets lol. Got a couple of snaps and signed tickets. Also accidentaly dropped my phone in the moshpit and it survived! I used to own one of those rubberised "tough phones", no where near as tough as this 20 beastie lol. Awesome night.
Unfortunately they've turned fibbers into just another hipster bar for students to get drunk after a hard 2 hour day of looking at comic strips on the lecture board and important communications on their iphones or whatever poc smartphone their parents bought them after complaining of not having any money because they'd spent it all in the aformentioned bar :)
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