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Default Re: Your Favourite Concert/Gig

Last year saw Jeff Beck. Was lucky enuf to snag 2nd row center seats and to watch him perform up close and personal was amazing.

The first Ringo's All Starrs I went to in 2008 was unbelievable. We had taken a young friend of ours, she was about 25 years old at the time and she wasn't sure what to expect. Experiencing all of the musicians was such fun. It didn't really hit her until they started playing and then she would keep looking at me going "that' really Ringo up there!" like she finally realized what she was witnessing :)

My first concert ever was Sammy Hagar opening for ZZ Top on the Elimnator tour. Saw them on my 15th birthday in Nashville. Special because it was the first and I'll never forget it :)
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